Played (book)

by Yoshi Kametani

The protagonist, bored with his mundane existence and day to day routine, decides one night to walk aimlessly through mid-town Manhattan. Serendipitously ending up in Times Square, a tasteless corporate Disneyland and haven to seedy business, drugs, prostitution and crime, he finds himself intrigued by the area and begins being drawn back night after night. Unexpectedly, he soon gets to know some of the regulars who hang around the streets and eventually meets a curiously compelling character. Quickly befriended, the protagonist is taken on a journey down a convoluted path riddled with deception. Hustle after hustle, lie after lie, a string of events leads to an unforeseen and undesirable situation. 

Designed to be taken apart and reassembled - Played comes loose bound in a protective PVC dust jacket with a saddle sewn booklet held in place with an elastic cord. 

Main book / 22 x 33 cm / 64pp, 44 plates / Edition of 500 copies / Loose Bound Softcover / PVC Dustjacket with Elastic Cord / Offset printing/

Insert book / 15.0 x 22.5 cm / 28pp / Saddle Sewn Softcover / Offset printing

Published by Éditions du LIC 2016 / ISBN 978-82-93341-15-4


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